Our Philosophy

As an independent consultant for energy products and services, we work for you, the customer. From energy purchasing to risk mitigation and historical analysis, we are committed to helping you sort through your options and make informed choices.

It’s very simple: we are in the customer service business. Whether it’s a first-time handshake with a potential client or a long-term relationship on a first-name basis, we know who we serve.

Varied Services

Finding the right energy plan is a significant decision for any business. Your choices are greater than ever, and competition among suppliers can mean lower prices and a positive impact on your bottom line.

Energy Procurement is just the beginning, however. We can uncover savings in historical usage patterns, structure your buying strategy to minimize risk, and even help a community leverage its buying power.

Superior Products

Muirfield Energy can take you beyond price and term when shopping for an energy commodity contract. We weigh your usage patterns and risk tolerance and help you choose from a variety of contract structures, from fixed price to fully indexed and everything in between.

You can also help “green” your business, with Renewable Energy Certificates and lighting retrofits. Muirfield Energy is your full-service energy partner.