Lighting Retrofit

Energy efficiency is about ensuring your best deal on the supply side while also taking steps to reduce unnecessary usage. Through its trusted partner, Lighting Services, Inc., a Muirfield Energy consultant can help guide you through that end-to-end approach.

One of the biggest energy expenses for retail and commercial customers is overhead lighting. New technologies can cut your lighting energy usage by 40 to 80 percent, while at the same time increasing the brightness of the workplace. The savings to the bottom line, and increase in productivity and employee morale, can be significant.

Your Muirfield Energy consultant will accompany Lighting Services through every step. They will survey and conduct an energy analysis of your current system, and project manage a new design with demonstrable savings. They will calculate and coordinate any tax incentives, and assist with the filing of paperwork.

Reduce consumption, boost efficiency and improve your workplace environment with a lighting retrofit.