Consumer Alert: Beware Telemarketing Offers

Consumer Alert: Beware Telemarketing Offers

Muirfield Energy customers and our industry peers have recently made us aware of a potential problem with a persistent telemarketer and we would like to share a warning.

attention sign with exclamation mark symbolAn energy company called American Power & Gas (AP&G), has been calling into our local markets with an offer that sounds too good to be true. Judging by angry customer comments on social media and consumer advocacy sites, it is.

AP&G offers an incredibly low rate with a promise of a 25% rebate check after twelve months. They apparently fail to state that the low rate is only for the first month, and that the rate is variable for the remainder of the term. Based on what we have seen, the variable rate quickly jumps to well above market rates.

Additionally, many customers have been confused into thinking AP&G is AEP, which is the Ohio utility. Customers have also provided utility account numbers over the phone, which is never a good practice as it can lead to unauthorized switching of accounts.

Muirfield Energy advises all its customers not to enter into an agreement without thorough investigation of the contract offer. We further advise not to provide account information over the phone unless you enjoy a trusted relationship with that energy supplier or broker.

Muirfield Energy representatives are always available to help answer any questions you may have about unsolicited energy offers.

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