Muirfield and Ecova Partner for Advanced Client Data Managment

Muirfield and Ecova Partner for Advanced Client Data Managment

Muirfield Energy, a leading energy services broker and Ecova, a leading energy and sustainability management company, are working together to bring Ecova’s industry-leading Expense and Data Management services to Muirfield Energy clients.

The co-branded solution, called Muirfield Energy Analytics Powered by Ecova, allows multi-site enterprises and large industrial clients to capture data so they can proactively manage their utility accounts, streamline utility bills, and take action toward measurable results. Ecova provides optimized technology solutions to multi-site commercial and industrial organizations across North America and internationally. Ecova uses insights based on consumption and cost, providing fully managed, technology-optimized solutions for saving resources and reducing consumption which can increase returns, lower risks and enhance reputations.

One new Ecova-Muirfield Energy client is a large Midwestern amusement park, which chose the new Muirfield Energy Analytics Powered by Ecova solution over its previous analytics program because Ecova offered a comprehensive approach to help the client realize significant resource and consumption savings. The client expects to benefit through cost avoidance on bill processing, the discovery of billing errors, and year-on-year comparisons.

“Ecova’s collaboration with Muirfield Energy brings new capabilities to Muirfield clients, as we bring together data and powerful insights to help capture a new, improved level of savings,” said Jana Schmidt, Ecova President and CEO. “We’ll be able to provide Muirfield Energy clients with a deeper understanding of how they’re spending and where they can save – which, to date, they haven’t been able to do.”

Muirfield Energy provides a consultative approach to commercial energy purchasing, risk mitigation and conservation strategies. Muirfield Analytics Powered by Ecova complements this suite of services. The tool provides valuable strategic insights through multi-site comparisons and its detailed reports to uncover savings opportunities at a granular level.

“Our energy consultants are excited to share the capabilities of Ecova’s analytics with their current and prospective clients,” Muirfield Energy President Perry Oman said. “It’s an incredibly powerful resource that can generate quantifiable savings to our clients, and our ability to offer it provides a competitive advantage that will help us expand to a national footprint.”

Ecova makes businesses and utilities more successful through energy and sustainability management. Ecova blends data and technology, with people and insight, to drive powerful results for their clients. Using insights based on consumption, cost and carbon footprint data spanning thousands of utilities, and hundreds of thousands of business sites across the United States, Canada and Europe, Ecova provides fully managed, technology-optimized solutions for saving resources, which in turn increase returns, lower risks and enhance reputations. Ecova is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ENGIE, a global actor in the energy transition. For more information, visit the company’s website, on LinkedIn, or follow Ecova on Twitter at @EcovaInc.

Muirfield Energy is a privately held energy brokerage and service provider based in Dublin, Ohio. Since 2009, Muirfield Energy has provided commercial customers independent analysis of energy consumption patterns and sought commodity agreements with alternate energy suppliers consistent with the customer’s risk tolerance and business strategy. Other services include demand response programs, utility bill historical analysis, and green initiatives such as lighting retrofits and Renewable Energy Certificates.

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