Muirfield Energy obtains VA broker / aggregator license and is saving Dominion Energy Virginia businesses money on their electric costs

Dear Dominion Energy Customer,

Dominion Energy has been your incumbent utility for many decades.  They have the obligation to deliver electricity to customers in their territory as well as to provide the supply of electricity.  To do that, the State Corporation Commission (SCC) has granted a healthy 9.3% return, yet they have been over-collecting hundreds of millions of dollars so that their actual return is well above that figure. As a result, their rates are skewed way out of line with the market.  Their heavy influence with the state legislature has limited the ability of competitive suppliers to offer market rates such that only 100% renewable energy offerings are allowed.  Even using 100% renewable energy, we are able to save customers 10-15% on their electric supply.

However, this window of opportunity will not stay open for long.  Dominion has been trying to block this alternative with the SCC and might still succeed.  Before they do, consider the potential savings that your business can capture.

Let us show you how much we can save your business through 100% renewable energy supply.

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