Strategies to Manage Your Company’s Energy Costs

Strategies to Manage Your Company’s Energy Costs

Monthly Minute with Muirfield March 2018: Energy Management Goes Beyond the Price of Your Supply Agreement

Properly managing your company’s energy costs are essential to your company’s bottom line.  Energy management goes beyond the price of your natural gas or electricity supply agreement.  It also includes the amount of energy (consumption) your business uses.

Muirfield Energy’s Consultants are here to help your business control the amount of energy used.  In order to determine what cost saving measures could save your business money on its energy costs, an energy audit would be a good next step.  Contact our corporate office at 888-370-8898 or your local Muirfield Energy Consultant directly to schedule your business’ energy audit.

Video Transcript

Welcome to this month’s Monthly Minute with Muirfield.

Properly managing your company’s energy costs are essential to any company’s bottom line. This is where energy management comes into play.

Your Muirfield Energy consultant can work with you to formulate a long term and short term strategy that fits your unique business’ needs.

In addition to lowering your business’ energy consumption, energy management includes conservation, reducing your company’s carbon footprint, control through an energy management system and monitoring of your business’ energy consumption through systems and reporting. You may want to consider the utility rebates or incentives such as a new HVAC system, LED lighting and lighting controls, new building incentives or remodeling of your existing building to make it more energy efficient.

How would you know which cost saving measures could save your business the most money? An energy audit would answer that question. Remember, your business is unique so is your energy solution.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please contact your Muirfield Energy consultant or our corporate office at 888-370-8898. Thank you for watching the Monthly Minute with Muirfield. Have a good day and we’ll see you next month.

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