Electricity Supply Procurement


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Electricity Supply Procurement

Shopping around to find the right electric supplier for your specific energy needs is crucial for many reasons.

Managing your businesses’ electricity supply is a method in which Muirfield Energy can control, monitor and conserve your businesses’ electric consumption or kilowatt-hours, kWh, and energy demand, kW.

Let Muirfield Energy negotiate so you don’t have to.

What is Energy Procurement?

Energy deregulation has allowed businesses of all sizes to shop and save money.  So, when electric suppliers compete, you save money on your energy costs.  Energy procurement is the act of acquiring the right electricity supply agreement at the best possible price with the most favorable terms with the objective to decrease your energy costs.

Why Consider an Energy Consultant?

It takes a team of experienced energy consultants to analyze your current electric and natural gas usage to determine the most effective way to meet your requirements, and push utility companies to competing for your business.  Muirfield Energy offers custom, tailored energy management services for commercial and industrial businesses of all sizes.

With over 100 years of combined experience in energy consulting and management, we are able to match you with the supplier that combines the best rate with the energy product that fits your needs.  Our proven process includes:

  • Review and Assessment
  • Strategy Development
  • Execution of the Strategy
  • Support and Monitoring
  • Analytics and Energy Management

We also can help you implement sustainable green energy solutions, as well as 100% renewable energy supply.  Muirfield Analytics also makes paying your utility invoices, reporting, and monitoring your energy usage simple.