Energy Telemarketing Scams – What to Watch for Now

Muirfield Energy’s clients are advising us that telemarketers are again trying to sound like legitimate electric and natural gas utility company employees. They may state their name and say that they are calling on behalf of your utility’s supplier and making statements such as:

“I need to confirm that your account is on the correct tariff rate.”

“There are new rates effective next month on your utility accounts.”

“You can switch at any time without penalty.”

“You can receive a 20% rebate at the end of your first year.”

          “You will receive a $100 Visa gift card.”


However, the telemarketer fails to mention that your accounts will be paying as much as 120% of the utility standard rate for 11 months. Yes, you get a lower rate, but only for the first month, then the rate goes up to a monthly variable (higher) rate.


     What should you do if you speak with a telemarketer?

Do NOT provide any account information (i.e. account #, service address, SDI #, ESI ID, etc.)

Do NOT say “yes” during the call.

The call is recorded and your “yes” is used as consent to enroll your account.

This may result in early termination fees from your current supplier.


     What you should do if you think the telemarketer enrolled your account without your permission?

Contact your trusted Energy Consultant / Advisor.

Call your utility company to ensure your account was not switched.

You can also file a complaint with the Public Utilities Commission for your state.


If you have any questions, or recently said yes to a telemarketers offer and want help to undo the potential damage, please contact Muirfield Energy’s corporate office at 1-888-370-8878 or via email at

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