• Power of Texas | Power of Texas Holdings Inc. Closes its Doors

Power of Texas Also Closes its Doors

Unfortunately, the unprecedented winter weather storm, Uri, has continued to cause havoc.

Power of Texas closed its doors due to this historic polar vortex Texas experienced last month.  Power of Texas Holdings, LLC dba Power of Texas also sold its book to Rhythem Ops, LLC.  Rhythem Ops, LLC is a renewable energy supplier whose supply is powered by Texas wind energy.

Power of Texas serviced customers behind ONCOR, Texas Centerpoint Energy, Texas New Mexico Power (TNMP), AEP Texas North (AEPT), and AEP Texas Central (AEPC).

If you are unsure as to the electric product that you had through Power of Texas, you can call Muirfield Energy at 1-888-370-8898 or email info@muirfieldenergy.com with your most recent electric bill for each ESI ID, also known as your electric service identifier.  We will assist you in determining your Power of Texas product and price.

If you are in need of a knowledgeable, reliable, trustworthy energy advisor to help you navigate the risks that the recent historic unprecedented events have created, please reach out to Muirfield Energy’s corporate office at 1-888-370-8898.

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