Ohio Commercial Energy Management

Serving the Energy Management Needs of Ohio’s Businesses

Muirfield Energy specializes in commercial energy management. Our consultants can help you shop and implement a low cost strategy to match your natural gas and electricity needs, and once that strategy is in place, our team will be there to make sure that your energy requirements continue to be met. If you are looking for energy management solutions in OH, make sure you contact us today at (888) 370-8898.

Benefits of Ohio Commercial Energy Management Consultants

Our energy management solutions here at Muirfield Energy have several advantages to companies hoping to save money and meet all of their energy needs.

Our consultants are able to shop for the best possible pricing, forcing energy companies to compete for your business. We are able to review all available products, match them to analysis we have completed on your data, negotiate implementation, and ultimately monitor the energy markets and your usage to make sure you still have the best possible deal.

Our Ohio energy management services include, but are not limited to:

  • Muirfield Analytics – We are able to supply both data management and budget/industry forecasting, using our own web based management tool to track performance against previous benchmarks and adjust energy immediately if certain situations arise.
  • Utility Analysis – We can perform audits of your energy usage and costs at any time to make sure that you are being accurately charged. If we do find any irregularities, we discuss it with the utility company on your behalf.
  • Demand Response – Select companies willing to participate in the program can sign up for Demand Response, an energy conservation program that compensates businesses like yours for slow down energy use during peak periods. We’ll help you implement these programs.
  • Green Energy – For companies looking to improve their commitment to sustainable energy, we provide some of the most affordable green energy options available on the market today. We can support you entering these programs, or add a new lighting system to your workplace.

These are some of our most popular energy management consulting services for businesses of all sizes in Ohio. We’d love a chance to share more with you about our experience and abilities. If you’d like to hear more or receive a no obligation quote, please contact us at (888) 370-8898 or fill out our contact form.

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