Commercial and Industrial Energy Management

Muirfield Energy is an energy management company with over 100 years of combined experience in both the regulated and deregulate energy market.  Our commercial and industrial customers include businesses of various sizes. 

Muirfield Energy is your independent and unbiased energy advocate serving customers nationwide in the various markets listed under Industries We Serve. 

We specialize in energy procurement for electricity supply, natural gas supply and renewable energy at the best possible price with the most favorable terms by properly placing our customers with the right supplier to meet their unique business needs.  The Deregulated Natural Gas and Electricity State Map provides with you all the utilities that we service for each state. 

Through energy management, such as a demand response programs and the utilization of Muirfield Analytics, Muirfield Energy has guided businesses in reaching their objectives.  The objectives include decreasing energy costs, improving energy efficiency and accelerating meeting sustainability goals for your business.

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Industries We Serve

Muirfield Energy works with companies of all sizes on a national level to lock in optimum rates, predict market changes, manage risk and provide budget stability for both the short-term and long-term.  Below are some of the industries serviced by Muirfield Energy. 




Consulting Services

Educational Facilities







Medical Facilities

Non-Profit Organizations


Property Management

Religious Organizations

Restaurants / Bars




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“We appreciate the personal attention we receive from Muirfield Energy. They care enough to meet with us and be proactive in keeping costs down and saving us time from having to deal with the myriad of other companies wanting our business. Thank you Muirfield Energy!”
“Our Consultant’s attention to detail and understanding of the utility markets has generated tremendous savings for our company.”
“Muirfield Energy has made the difficult task of shopping electricity and natural gas suppliers easy. They provide competitive pricing analysis and guidance to allow us to take advantage of available utility savings.”
“We have saved thousands of dollars on electricity costs over the past few years with the help of Muirfield Energy. They have been creative in cost savings plans and have made the process very easy.”
“The folks at Muirfield Energy are an excellent source for your energy needs. I was looking for a one-stop shop for competitive pricing on electricity and natural gas and Muirfield Energy provided just that. I highly recommend them as a source for your energy needs.”
“Having worked with other energy brokers and Muirfield Energy, there is no comparison: Muirfield Energy’s services are exceptional.”
“Muirfield is proactive in educating their clients, keeping them current with industry news, and helping them understand how to best move forward with their account management.”
“I am truly impressed with their prompt service and am looking forward to continue working with them in the future. I highly recommend Muirfield Energy.”

“I have worked with Paula Ramirez for many years and the service and recommendation on the market movement is has been tremendous help to my business.
I would highly recommend Paula Ramirez and Muirfield Energy.”

“We (Way Public Library) have had wonderful experience with Cathi Lydy. Cathi is very knowledgeable in what she does.”

Karen Brigode, Way Public Library

“Cathi Lydy needs more stars – she is my hero. Not only does she find me the best rates – she even deals with any (sometimes weird) issues I may have. She is always cheerful and on-the-ball. She also answers my calls/emails promptly – and that is becoming a thing of the past, believe me. I trust her completely. If she ever goes – I will have to retire.”

Cheryl Smith, Village of Hicksville

“Great, trustworthy service by Ed Kander!”

“Energy consultant Cathi Lydy has been a great partner. She obtained many competitive quotes in a timely manner, resulting in a big savings for our company. Curt Brosky Recently Retired CEO, LSC Service Corp”

“We have been a customer of Muirfield Energy since June 2017 and are very pleased with the level of service they provide us. I have recommended them to other business managers as well.”

“Our account rep, Cathi Lydy has been one of the most fantastic people to work with. I truly feel she is always looking out for our best interest and she relieves us of the tedious task of shopping for our energy pricing. She is always so cheerful and a real delight to work with.”

“Dan Ziegler with Muirfield Energy has been a wealth of knowledge for my company when we evaluated different energy options. His understanding of the energy market has helped us make sound financial decision.”

“Ed Kander has been GREAT to work with ! He is on top of it ALL , Making it easy for our company to count on him and Muirfield Energy to be our one and only choice for our supplier.”

“I have been fortunate to work with Cathi Lydy from Muirfield Energy for several of our businesses. When we are due to renew our contracts, she goes above and beyond to get us the best pricing. Not everyone knows the energy business, but Cathi explains it in a way that makes sense.”

Eileen Kilbane, Generations Healthcare

“I have been dealing with Ed for a few years now, he has always given me good options and insight for the energy rates. I would highly recommend them.”

Doug Perkowski, Federal Knitting Mills

“I have had the pleasure of working with Paula Ramirez for many years. My last procurement of electricity was painless, Paula Ramirez did all the leg work of getting me competitive rates. Not only do I have the best rate but the best term for my business. I would highly recommend Paula Ramirez and Muirfield Energy. Thanks Paula for all your help!”

“I have been working with Cathi since 2011 for my electrical quotes. She has taken a lot of stress out of the process and has gotten me the best electrical quotes possible. She has made the process as good as it can be, I really appreciate everything she has done for my school and me.”

“I’ve worked with Muirfield Energy for years and have always had a great experience. Our rep is Ed Kander and he comes very highly recommended.”

“Great company! Jamie Ottery is customer focused and does all the work for you. She makes it easy and at the end of the day you will provide your client with huge energy savings. It’s seriously a no brainer! Contact Jamie and you’ll find out how easy it is to save your asset money when it comes to your utilities.”
Laurie Rushevics, CBRE Group, Inc

“Great customer service, great pricing.”

“Our Company has been with Muirfield Energy for years. John Zaegel our account rep is very professional with the handling of our electrical quotes. John keeps us up to date on trends in the industry. Along with guidance on pricing during the renewal time. I would recommend their service any time.”

“Our company has been with Muirfield Energy for several years. Jamie Ottery is our rep and she is wonderful! She gets us the best rates with comparisons, answers questions quickly and is very easy to work with!”

Peggy Shover, Aquatic Adventures

“I have the pleasure of having Paula Ramirez as my Energy Consultant – not only finds me the best rates but the best value when it comes to the term of the agreement. I would highly recommend Muirfield Energy for your next open position as it pertains to Electricity.”

Dan Ziegler at Muirfield Energy has helped us manage and minimize our energy costs for years. Recently, he came to me with an opportunity for savings at our Virginia Beach location where we could save thousands of dollars per year buying 100% renewable energy. After looking at the proposal and savings analysis, we acted on his recommendation and are looking forward to saving money over the Dominion Energy rates for the next 5 years. We are pleased that they look out for our bottom line and bring us new savings opportunities like this.

Lance George

Products and Services

Shopping the competitive deregulated energy market in search of the energy choice product, term, contract language and price plan that best fit your business goals can be arduous.  With the complexities of the energy field being broad in scope, complex and constantly changing, you need the experience that Muirfield Energy provides along with our variety of products and services. Muirfield Energy’s Consultants have a track record of providing businesses of all sizes with our products and services which reduce their energy costs, improve their energy efficiency and accelerate their sustainability transformation. 


Deregulated Natural Gas and Electricity State Map

The Deregulated Natural Gas and Electricity State Map provides with you all the utilities that we service for each state.  Click on the state for a list of the deregulated natural gas and electric utilities Muirfield Energy services in that state.


Our Promise

Muirfield Energy takes great pride in the training that we provide our team.  We are up to date on the latest market trends along with being well versed in utility tariffs.  Our Consultants are well versed in explaining the pros and cons for electricity supply, natural gas supply and renewable energy supply contracts to prospects and customers. 

We are committed to providing better customer service than our competitors.  Even with the Covid-19 pandemic, our team worked both in the office and remotely to ensure our customers always had quality customer service.

If you have an issue with your supplier, we will work on your behalf to resolve the issue whether it be with billing, a missed enrollment, incorrect price, or incorrect product.  It is part of our mission to ensure that you are in the right hands.

Our Mission Statement

Muirfield Energy Mission Statement

Our core values are honesty, integrity,
dedication and reliability. 

Our extremely high customer retention rate is due to the long-term relationships that we have built through properly managing our customers energy needs and reducing their energy costs.

Muirfield Energy is your independent and unbiased energy advocate serving customers nationwide. 

We look forward to serving your energy needs and helping your business reach its energy goals.  

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