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The bigger the business, the more important it is to find an energy broker you can trust to manage your energy costs. For those in Pennsylvania, start with Muirfield Energy. We specialize in managing the energy marketplace, providing each and every one of our clients with personalized customer service and the knowledge they need to make smarter financial decisions while meeting the needs of the business.

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Your organization is not forced to choose the energy provider. With deregulation, companies in Pennsylvania have the option to look for the best price and find the energy solution that best meets the needs of their business from both a cost and efficiency perspective.

To find that energy solution, it helps to connect with a Pennsylvania energy broker – a company that can find you the right natural gas or electricity products to meet your company’s demands. Learn more about the commercial energy solutions we offer in Pennsylvania by exploring the pages below.


Our team of experienced Energy Consultants understands that each business has its own unique energy needs. They’ll offer non-biased advice you can trust and expertise you can rely on for years to come.


Our Consultants have the training and experiencing necessary to determine which providers will offer you the best products and price plans that best fit your business.

Our personal approach gives us the time to understand your operational goals and current contract situation, and we provide you straight advice based on our years of experience.

We’ll communicate openly and transparently walk you through your options, based on the information we learn about your business and energy needs. Our recommendations always consider the advantages and potential risks of each product option, based on current market conditions and recognized industry trends.  We’ll negotiate on your behalf, comb through the supply contract fine print, and get the deal done with efficiency and professionalism.


Our Pennsylvania energy consultants can also assist with your natural gas needs. Pennsylvania is a deregulated natural gas market which we are intimately familiar with. This means we are ready to find you the most cost effective and efficient form of energy available.

At Muirfield Energy, our natural gas consultants help customers address their energy needs with peace of mind. In the Pennsylvania natural gas market, energy providers are forced to compete for the best rates, but businesses of all sizes are free to shop for the natural gas plans that make the most sense for their needs. Our natural gas brokers can help you better traverse that market and make sense of the complexities.


When it comes to energy saving, energy management is the process of monitoring, controlling, and conserving energy in a building or organization. Helping you navigate the deregulated energy market is just one part of the equation. Our Pennsylvania energy management brokers can also assist with energy analytics software, utility analysis, green energy solutions, and demand response.


Data management and budget forecasting are key components in any comprehensive energy strategy. Revealing the mystery of the numbers and making appropriate adjustments can result in lower operating costs and a healthier bottom line.

Muirfield Analytics is our web-based management tool that tracks current performance against budgets based on historic benchmarks. The system considers your current tariffs and previous energy usage to create dynamic models and predictors of future consumption. Tracking real-time usage data against the forecasts, this tool allows you to make adjustments on the fly and stay within budget tolerance.

Analytics is part of the services we provide for our clients, one that provides valuable insights and can save you money.


We’ve all opened a utility bill and wondered about a line item or specific charge that seems odd. We may have good intentions of calling to inquire, but the bill usually gets paid and we wonder if we’re paying too much.

With our Utility Cost Management service, we perform a historical audit of all utility charges and identify inconsistencies that could be costing you money. We’ll also deal with the utility on your behalf, and sort out any issues that may be leading to an overcharge.

Facing tariff changes, juggling multiple meters or trying to reconcile estimated meter reads? Let your Muirfield Energy Consultant sort it all out, and rest assured that you’re not paying more than necessary.


Customers of a certain energy load profile can enroll in a program whereby they agree to curtail or shift their electric load at the request of the grid operator.

In most cases, it’s a matter of slowing down or temporarily halting a manufacturing process during peak usage periods. The customer is compensated for their willingness to participate in the program, even if they are never called upon to do so. Light manufacturing customers are terrific candidates.

Your Muirfield Energy Consultant can help identify Demand Response and other conservation incentive opportunities.


Increasing your commitment to sustainable and renewable energy sources is easy with Muirfield Energy.

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) can provide your business with documented status that allows you to make certain environmental claims by financially supporting wind power and other green energy sources.

Muirfield Energy can also guide you through a lighting retrofit that can cut your lighting energy usage by 40 to 80 percent, while at the same time increasing the brightness of the workplace. Our third-party contractors will not only design a new lighting system, they’ll calculate and coordinate any tax incentives and assist with the filing of paperwork.


If you are interested in more information, please fill out our contact form or call Muirfield Energy’s Corporate Office at (888) 370-8898.

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