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Welcome to Muirfield Energy. We hope you’ll find our new website both informative and easy to navigate, while gaining some insight into what makes us tick.

As an independent consultant of energy and related services, we take the responsibility to our customers very seriously. It’s our job to work in your best interest, wading through the myriad of energy suppliers in search of your best deal.

That sounds like a sales pitch, perhaps, but it truly reflects our identity as a business, and echoes the humble beginnings from which it was born.

After 20 years of service with various large, corporate energy suppliers, I ventured out on my own to start an independent consultancy. Situations and opportunities aligned to nudge me into entrepreneurship. After witnessing the transactions from the supply side, and getting to know a few customers along the way, I believed that the greatest value I could add was to act as a customer advocate.

Competition is a good thing. It fosters innovation and lower prices to the consumer. It’s as true for energy as it is for cell phones, automobiles and breakfast cereal. But electricity and natural gas are certainly not consumer-friendly commodities. In determining the best energy plans and prices, the business owner or facility manager could often use a coach, and that’s the role of Muirfield Energy.

We began slowly, in a one-room office space, running purely on enthusiasm for building something new. Fast forward a few years: we’ve got an office staff, we’re working throughout the United States, and those same salespeople who had faith in the dream are making a good living. I am also a founder of the Energy Professionals of Ohio. Dedication to the ideal is what drives Muirfield Energy.

We’ve delivered on our promises, planned our expansion carefully, and developed strong relationships with customers, suppliers and regulators. We’re proud of the service we provide, and we invite you to kick our tires. Let us provide a free energy analysis and see how we might help you control your energy costs.

When you become a Muirfield Energy customer, you’ll get professional expertise, straight advice and the best service.


Perry Oman

Perry Oman


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