More Than a Typical Texas Energy Broker

Reducing your businesses’ energy costs while still meeting the demand for your products and services can be challenging.  It is for this reason that many businesses turn to energy consultants.  We provide utility analysis and energy purchasing, along with a host of management solutions and analytics to make sure that you have the most affordable, most reliable source for your energy needs.

Cut Your Energy Rates with Our Customized Energy Support

Muirfield Energy works with over 6,000 businesses in 17 states with the experience to offer detailed guidance to meet the growing energy needs of your business or commercial property.

Texas is a deregulated energy market in ERCOT, which allows businesses to shop around and find the comprehensive energy solutions that best align with their energy strategy, while procuring the lowest costs.

Muirfield Energy’s Texas team is here to connect you with unique energy solutions that will best fit your energy needs.  We are not a Texas energy broker, we do not simply hand you a list of different rates for you to choose from.  Muirfield Energy offers:

  • Energy Consulting – Our role is to find you the energy solutions that will be reliable, affordable, and aligned with your company’s budget and sustainability goals.
  • Natural Gas – We have immense knowledge of the natural gas industry. Due to Texas specific volumetric requirements, please check the Texas Natural Gas page for more specifics.
  • Electricity Analysis – We are able to examine the electricity usage of your business to find savings opportunities.
  • Comprehensive Energy Management – We provide detailed energy management, evaluating your energy usage, providing supplementary support including analytics, budget analysis, risk mitigation, and much more.

We believe in providing a personalized service that identifies opportunities for savings within the energy market and provides guidance and feedback along the way.

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For companies that are looking for a more affordable utility provider, or those looking into sustainable energy options, or those that are not sure where to start, our team will leverage our long-standing relationships with suppliers to make them compete for your energy needs.

We have been providing businesses with affordable energy solutions for over a decade, and have a combined experience of over 15 years advising businesses, cities and schools in the Texas energy market.  Let us review, design and implement an energy strategy that fits your operational goals, helps you save precious time, and potentially realize significant energy savings.

For more information, contact Muirfield Energy today at (888) 370-8898.

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