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ERCOT (Electric Reliability Council of Texas) manages the reliability of the electric grid for approximately 90 percent of the state of Texas.  Most businesses have a choice with their utility providers, and are not limited to the utilities rates.  It takes a lot of time and experience to analyze, identify, and implement an energy strategy, especially since every company and every property in Texas has its own unique energy needs.

That is why you need more than an energy broker – you need a Texas energy advisor.  Muirfield Energy advisors have a thorough understanding of the energy market in TX and can find you the most reliable, lowest cost energy you require, whether that energy is:

  • Electricity
  • Natural Gas (Limitations)
  • Sustainable Energy Solutions

For over a decade, Muirfield Energy has been connecting businesses to the energy provider best suited for their usage and budget.  Pricing options can either include congestion (nodal / load zone pricing) or exclude congestion (pricing to the hub) and RUC.  We provide a detailed analysis of your current and future energy requirements, evaluate the established energy suppliers, and then implement, monitor, and re-evaluate your energy strategy over time.

Why Use a TX Energy Consultant?

In Texas, suppliers should always have to compete for your business every time you execute a supply agreement.  It is your utility provider’s job to earn your energy, not the other way around.  The purpose of deregulation is for there to be a competitive environment where suppliers are vying for your business.  This ensures that you are getting the best energy products, pricing and customer service.

Few companies have the time and resources to force these utility suppliers to compete.  As energy consultants in Texas, our team makes it possible to find the energy options that best fits your organization’s needs, including a host of supplementary services.

Energy consultants at Muirfield Energy reduce errors and costs by representing your business, and the analytics and monitoring services mean that your organization will always know that it is making the right choices.

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