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Muirfield Energy, Inc. is a licensed broker / aggregator in Virginia by the Commonwealth of Virginia State Corporation Commission.  We are also accredited with the Better Business Bureau and registered with Dominion Energy.  

Muirfield Energy entered into the Virginia electricity and natural gas supply market with one mission, to save businesses money on their energy costs.

We can assist your business with its electricity supply if they are being provided with electric from Dominion Energy.

Dominion Energy has been your incumbent utility for many decades.  They have the obligation to deliver electricity to customers in their territory as well as to provide the supply of electricity.  To do that, the State Corporation Commission (SCC) has granted a healthy 9.3% return, yet they have been over-collecting hundreds of millions of dollars so that they actually get over 13% return on their investment.  You are paying much more than you should for your energy.  Their heavy influence with the state legislature has limited the ability of competitive suppliers to offer market rates so that only 100% renewable energy offerings are allowed.   

If you would like more information specifically about Dominion Energy, I recommend that you read the attached letter specifically for Dominion Energy customers and explains what is going on behind Dominion Energy.  

Muirfield Energy Letter Regarding Dominion Energy Rates

People Also Ask

Yes.  For a complete list of licensed supplier / broker / aggregators, visit the Commonwealth of Virginia State Corporation Commission at  You will find Muirfield Energy, Inc. on that list.

Between 10% to 15% on your electric generation costs through a third party supplier.  Typical customers can save 1.5 cents per kWh, which can easily mean thousands of dollars per year.

Checking on rates is easy, and there is no obligation.  Your business would need to complete the Letter of Authorization (LOA) below by following “Easy Steps for a 100% Renewable Energy Quote” & provide us with a most recent complete bill copy for each account number.  Once we receive this information, we will prepare a pricing proposal, which one of our seasoned Energy Consultants will provide and explain to you with a detailed savings analysis.

Yes.  The product must be 100% renewable energy.  Renewable energy can consist of energy produced from wind, solar, hydropower, as an example.  

Yes.  100% renewable energy is definitely one key product that can assist your business in meeting its sustainability goals.

Yes.  This window of opportunity may not stay open for long.  The reason is that Dominion Energy has been trying to block this alternative with the Virginia State Corporation Commission and might still succeed.  Before Dominion Energy succeeds, consider the potential savings that your business can capture.  

Yes.  We also offer a product called Muirfield Analytics, which is a utility expense & data management solution that also offers bill payment.  If you are tired of manually entering data into spreadsheets each month and paying numerous bills, Muirfield Analytics might be the solution.  We also offer utility bill analysis, demand response, lighting retrofitting, green products, and
solutions to meet your corporate sustainability goals.  We have other solutions to lower your businesses energy costs depending on the size and energy consumption of your business.

Easy Steps for Your No Obligation 100% Renewable Electric Supply Quote:

Below are the instructions in order to complete the attached Letter of Authorization (LOA):

  1. Section A – Needs to be initialed and dated. Nothing else on this page should be filled out.
  2. Section B – Needs to be initialed but do not check any boxes.
  3. Section C – The “Valid Until” MUST be initialed not checked.
  4. Bottom of Page 2 – The bottom of page 2 should be initialed & dated.
  5. Section D – Must be filled out, signed, and also initialed and dated at the bottom of this page.
  6. Fax or e-mail this along with all pages of a recent Dominion Energy electric bill for each account number to (888) 370-8878 or e-mail to 

Letter of Authorization (LOA)

Easy Steps for Your No Obligation Natural Gas Supply Quote:

Fax or e-mail all pages of a recent natural gas bill for each account number to (888) 370-8878 or e-mail to 

If you have questions that we did not answer for you, please feel free to call Muirfield Energy’s corporate office at 888-380-8898 or contact us.

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